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Holding Tanks for
Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, and Trenton, Maine

G & P Septic Service LLC: Waste Water Reservoirs for Ellsworth, Maine

When you need holding tanks for Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, and Trenton, Maine, call G & P Septic Services LLC. Unlike septic tanks that allow for water to flow through filtration, holding tanks do just what their name says. These tanks hold waste water from a location until workers can perform septic pumping. Holding tanks make an excellent option for areas that do not have septic systems in place. 

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Find the Right Location for Holding Tanks in Bar Harbor, Maine

Throughout Bar Harbor, Maine, various commercial and residential properties take advantage of holding tanks for waste water management. Businesses that operate seasonally or infrequently used rural locations may find that holding tanks provide proper waste water handling. Accessibility is key for placing holding tanks in their proper location and providing future maintenance. Make an informed decision about locations for your holding tanks by speaking to G & P Septic Services LLC today.

Quality Septic Pumping for Holding Tanks in Trenton, Maine

G & P Septic Services LLC serves Trenton, Maine, with quality septic pumping for holding tanks. Many holding tanks have various capacities. Smaller holding tanks may have a limit of 1,000 gallons, while others may hold four times the amount. Those holding tanks come with a high-water alarm to let you know when it nears capacity and requires septic pumping.

Call G & P Septic Services LLC when you need holding tanks for Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, and Trenton, Maine.