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Septic Pumping in Dover-Foxcroft, Bangor, and Brewer, Maine

G & P Septic Services LLC, Provides Expert Septic Pumping Service

Find septic pumping in Dover-Foxcroft, Bangor and Brewer, Maine, and the surrounding areas at G & P Septic Services LLC. We proudly provide both commercial and residential customers with expert septic pumps and filters. Keeping up with regular maintenance for your septic system will save you serious money in the long run. Regular septic system maintenance will let you know of any small repair problems before they turn into a replacement.

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We also provide emergency services.

Commercial Septic Pumps for Brewer, Maine, and Surrounding Areas

Having your Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, septic tank pumped every few years will ensure that it operates correctly. Depending on the size of your property and septic system, schedule septic pumping every three to five years. Septic pumping cleans out the tank, preventing possible rupture or overflow. Here are some signs to look for that can tell you it may be time for septic pumping:

  • Backups in drains and toilets
  • Foul odor in the drain field
  • Slow draining sinks and bathtubs
  • Slow flushing or regularly clogged toilets
  • Vibrant, spongy grass near the septic tank

Watch for thee Signs of Septic Issues in Brewer, Maine

If you notice these signs on your property, contact G & P Septic Services LLC right away. We will come out to your Brewer, Maine home, or business. Our team will work quickly to inspect and clean your septic system. Our highly-trained staff is ready to assist Penobscot County property owners in any way we can, especially for emergencies.

Installing Septic Filters for Residential Properties in Bangor, Maine

G & P Septic Services LLC proudly provides residential properties in Penobscot County, Maine, with expert septic pumping. Bathrooms and drains get a lot of use in your home. It is essential to have a septic filter to catch any harmful pollutants. Septic filters can also prevent the chance of septic absorption failure and some smaller particles from entering the drain field. Save yourself the headache in Bangor, Maine. Let the experienced team at G & P Septic Services LLC provide pumps and filters at an affordable rate.

Contact G & P Septic Services LLC when you need septic pumping for Dover-Foxcroft, Bangor, and Brewer, Maine.