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Septic Inspections for Brownville, Bangor, and Millinocket, Maine

Electric Snaking and Video Inspections for Orono and Surrounding Areas

G & P Septic Services LLC offers superior septic inspections for Brownville, Bangor, and Millinocket, Maine, and surrounding areas. Our professional and knowledgeable staff will conduct electric snaking and video inspections for commercial and residential properties. Our electric snaking and inspection process can quickly remove clogs from your line, allowing water to flow through.

G & P Septic Services LLC can also conduct video inspections to check on the state of the line. Video inspections help locate clogs, cracks, tree roots, or other drainage issues. We have the proper equipment to conduct snaking and video inspections quickly and efficiently.

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G & P Septic Services also offers emergency services.

We Offer Thorough Snake Inspections for All of Bangor, Maine

If you plan on building a new home soon, getting a septic system inspection is a must. Because septic systems exist underground, they are often out of sight and out of mind. It is also essential to have septic system inspections every three to five years. Catching septic problems early can save you thousands of dollars.

Our staff arrives to inspect your property, determine the issue, and remove the blockage with our industrial strength electric snakes. Give us a call today if you are experiencing any problems with your septic system flow to your sewer line. Our septic contractor is here to answer any questions you have.

Trust Our Video Septic Inspections, and More for Millinocket, Maine

Keeping your septic system in top shape is what we do best. G & P Septic Services LLC provides Penobscot County, Maine, with video inspection services. We start our video inspections by placing a camera at the clean-out inside the house. From there, we send the camera out to the septic tank inspection along the way.

Once the camera has reached the tank, we determine the location, dig out the tank covers, and start our inspection. If you own an alternative septic system, the law may require annual inspections. We provide electric snake and video septic inspections.

Call G & P Septic Services LLC when you need septic inspections for Brownville, Bangor, and Millinocket, Maine.