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Excavating Contractor in Howland, Bangor & Millinocket, Maine
G & P Septic Services LLC

Providing High-Quality Excavating Contractors at Competitive Pricing

Are you looking for an experienced excavating contractor in Howland, Bangor and Millinocket, Maine? G & P Septic Services LLC offers excavation at affordable prices. Excavation is a significant part of the septic system installation process. Because of that, we understand it should be budget-friendly. Our septic tank specialists are proud to provide exceptional excavating contractors for your septic system installation project.

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Trust Our Excavating Contractor in Howland, Maine

Many commercial or residential projects require excavation services before a contractor can complete them. These projects include septic system installation, repairs, pumping, and inspections. Our septic system specialists can handle all your excavating needs to access your septic system.

We have a solution to all your septic system problems in your Howland, Maine, home or business. Our team comes equipped with the proper equipment for trenching or installing drains onto your property.

Performing Trenching and Draining in Bangor, Maine

Septic trenches are located below the ground and used to distribute wastewater while reducing odors and contaminations. Trench failure is caused by numerous factors including, frequent foot traffic and vehicles driving over the area. At G & P Septic Services LLC, we have the tools, skills, and experience to treat trench problems and drain septic tanks. Give us a call today in Bangor, Maine, if you need trenching or draining services.

Taking Pride in Serving Millinocket, Maine, and Penobscot County

At G & P Septic Services LLC, we take pride in our excavating experience for Millinocket, Maine. With over 30 years of experience, we follow the plans of each excavation with great attention to detail. Major or minor, we can provide the services you need for proper excavation to access your septic system.

Call G & P Septic Services LLC when you need an excavating contractor for Howland, Bangor, and Millinocket, Maine.