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Septic System Installation in Bangor, Hampden, & Glenburn Maine

Our Professional Staff Can Install Any Septic System
on Your Property

For septic system installation in Bangor, Hampden and Glenburn, Maine, call G & P Septic Services LLC. Our staff can install standard and alternative systems in a timely manner. Call us for service if you live within a 70-mile radius of Bradford, Maine. Our septic crew takes great pride in installing septic systems that fit your needs.

Call (207) 327-1205, (207) 564-8037, or (207) 794-2111 to schedule a septic system installation appointment. Emergency services are also available to our customers.

Trust Our Septic System Installation for Your Bangor, Maine, Property

If you are looking for the right septic system for your Bangor home, call G & P Septic Services LLC. Our fully licensed and insured septic installers will take care of your septic system installation promptly. Our septic experts understand the importance of having a suitable septic system for your residential property.

Our staff also takes the responsibility of septic system installation very seriously because we know how important safety is. In addition to septic system installation, our septic tank experts also install alternative septic systems, and provide exceptional excavation services.

G & P Septic Services LLC Also Installs Septic Risers in Hampden, Maine

G & P Septic Services LLC strongly recommends clients get septic risers installed for their Hampden, Maine property. A riser is a tank cover extension to the septic system cover. Over time, the septic cover usually gets buried up to four feet deep.

Adding risers brings the accessibility of your septic system cover to ground level. You can save time and money by avoiding the cost of digging each time you need to access the system. That can be done for a small extra cost upfront. Give us a call today, and receive an estimate on installing a septic riser to your septic system.

Proudly Providing Installation of Holding Tanks in Glenburn, Maine

If you need a septic system installed where local code enforcement regulations will not allow one, consider purchasing holding tanks. The difference between holding tanks and septic tanks that drain into a leach field is how often they need pumping. Septic tanks need pumping every few years while holding tanks need pumping every few weeks. Our septic staff is proud to install and service holding tanks for our customers in and around Glenburn, Maine.

Call G & P Septic Services LLC for septic system installation near Bangor, Maine.